eBook - Fundamentals of Database Systems 7th Edition

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This book introduces the fundamental concepts necessary for designing, using, and implementing database systems and database applications. Our presentation stresses the fundamentals of database modeling and design, the languages and models provided by the database management systems, and database system implementation techniques. The book is meant to be used as a textbook for a one- or two-semester course in database systems at the junior, senior, or graduate level, and as a reference book. Our goal is to provide an in-depth and up-to-date presentation of the most important aspects of database systems and applications, and related technologies. We assume that readers are familiar with elementary programming and data-structuring concepts and that they have had some exposure to the basics of computer organization.

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eBook - Fundamentals of Database Systems 7th Edition
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eBook - Fundamentals of Database Systems 7th Edition
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Fundamentals of Database Systems 7th Edition

Publisher : PEARSON

Author :   Ramez Elmasri, Shamkant B. Navathe

Pages : 1273


New to This Edition The following key features have been added in the seventh edition:

■ A reorganization of the chapter ordering (this was based on a survey of the instructors who use the textbook); however, the book is still organized so that the individual instructor can choose to follow the new chapter ordering or choose a different ordering of chapters (for example, follow the chapter order from the sixth edition) when presenting the materials.

■ There are two new chapters on recent advances in database systems and big data processing; one new chapter (Chapter 24) covers an introduction to the newer class of database systems known as NOSQL databases, and the other new chapter (Chapter 25) covers technologies for processing big data, including MapReduce and Hadoop.

■ The chapter on query processing and optimization has been expanded and reorganized into two chapters; Chapter 18 focuses on strategies and algorithms for query processing whereas Chapter 19 focuses on query optimization techniques.

■ A second UNIVERSITY database example has been added to the early chapters (Chapters 3 through 8) in addition to our COMPANY database example from the previous editions.

■ Many of the individual chapters have been updated to varying degrees to include newer techniques and methods; rather than discuss these enhancements here, Preface vii viii Preface we will describe them later in the preface when we discuss the organization of the seventh edition.

The following are key features of the book:

■ A self-contained, flexible organization that can be tailored to individual needs; in particular, the chapters can be used in different orders depending on the instructor’s preference.

■ A companion website (http://www.pearsonhighered.com/cs-resources) includes data to be loaded into various types of relational databases for more realistic student laboratory exercises.

■ A dependency chart (shown later in this preface) to show which chapters depend on other earlier chapters; this can guide the instructor who wants to tailor the order of presentation of the chapters.

■ A collection of supplements, including a robust set of materials for instructors and students such as PowerPoint slides, figures from the text, and an instructor’s guide with solutions.

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