eBook - Design Patterns in PHP and Laravel

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People using Laravel and PHP to do their job and want to improve their understanding of design patterns.

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eBook - Design Patterns in PHP and Laravel
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eBook - Design Patterns in PHP and Laravel
Rp. 5.000
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Design Patterns in PHP and Laravel

Publisher : Apress

Author :   Kelt Dockins

Pages : 246


Learn each of the original gang of four design patterns, and how they are relevant to modern PHP and Laravel development. Written by a working developer who uses these patterns every day, you will easily be able to implement each pattern into your workflow and improve your development. Each pattern is covered with full examples of how it can be used. 
Too often design patterns are explained using tricky concepts, when in fact they are easy to use and can enrich your everyday development. Design Patterns in PHP and Laravel aims to break down tricky concepts into humorous and easy-to-recall details, so that you can begin using design patterns easily in your everyday work with PHP and Laravel. 
This book teaches you design patterns in PHP and Laravel using real-world examples and plenty of humor.

What You Will Learn 

  • Use the original gang of four design patterns in your PHP and Laravel development 
  • How each pattern should be used 
  • Solve problems when using the patterns
  • Remember each pattern using mnemonics 
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