eBook - Cooking Classics DimSum A Step by Step Cookbook

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Dim sum is a Cantonese phrase that refers to an assortment of food, each prepared in portions smaller than a main meal. In Mandarin, dim sum is called dian xin, which literally translates to “touch the heart”. The origin of this name has never been explicitly documented or explained.

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eBook - Cooking Classics DimSum A Step by Step Cookbook
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eBook - Cooking Classics DimSum A Step by Step Cookbook
Rp. 5.000
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Cooking Classics DimSum A Step by Step Cookbook

Publisher :  Marshall Cavendish International Asia

Author :   Lip Kah Ng

Pages : 121

There are various kinds of Chinese cuisine, and dim sum is one of them. While the food in different parts of China do include dim sum snacks, the concept of serving dim sum is the most developed in Cantonese cuisine. Traditional dim sum includes steamed buns, dumplings and rice rolls. Today, the variety has expanded to include roast pork, various types of porridge and soups, and most dim sum eateries will serve these items. Dim sum snacks are usually served in threes or fours, with the steamed snacks like siew mai and har kow in classic steamer baskets, and the sweet baked pastries on plates. Enjoying dim sum is part of Chinese culture, and includes the standard practice of having steamed buns, shrimp dumplings, pork dumplings, rice rolls and so on. Most of the time, they are served hot, with only a handful of cold dishes. For example, the dessert, snow skin dumplings on page 88, are best served chilled. Northern China is looked upon as the main producer of dough products, and they are credited with the creation of numerous pastries. As with all kinds of Chinese cuisine, different cooking techniques are employed to prepared dim sum. Sometimes, two or more cooking techniques are used for one dish. Some of the key techniques used in this book are briefl y explained in the following pages. Dim sum snacks come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the region from which it originated, the same food item may have a different shape. For example, soup dumplings (xiao long bao) from the southern regions of China are dented at the top, unlike the ones in the north, which peak nicely at the top where all the pleats meet. The dent is meant to help the southerners differentiate the soup dumplings from other similar-looking buns, which do not contain soup. Apart from practical reasons, the varied appearances of dim sum snacks are also to provide variety and to enhance the dining experience of those who enjoy eating dim sum. This cookbook compiles the recipes of some of the most popular dim sum snacks. It is a mix of traditional classics and new creative additions that will satisfy on all occasions. With illustrated instructions written in an easy-to-follow format, you can now discover the joy of preparing and enjoying dim sum in the comfort of your home.

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